“Strength”“The Path”Memories of Long Ago IILook into the Morning Light“Ripples in Time” A moment of light, captured forever. I think that’s why we’re captivated by photography. It freezes time.Standing… I look forward to a time when people respect others for who they are, not for what they are or how much money or fame they have. There’s a spark of light in all of us. Look for it.“The Shadow Proves the Sunshine”Taking Control of the MachineOnce Upon a Time in an Old Abandoned Church (I)“Tree Climb” - When there are trees to climb, you have to climb them. Especially when the light is just glowing!“After Swimming”*When Beauty and Nature Collide*Once Upon a Time in an Old Abandoned Church (III)“Natural Reflection”“Climbing to the Stars”Memories of Long Ago I - There’s a story to tell here… Ask me about it sometime.From the Corner - Everyone should be seen. There’s beauty in all our bodies. You’re made in the image of God.“Guardian of the Galaxy”In Genesis, the beginning, God made everything and it was beautiful. Then humans desired they wanted to BE God instead of enjoy His fellowship. This caused the curse of sadness, guilt, shame, anger, murder, jealousy and death to enter the world. But God still loved us. He had a plan. His plan was to become one of us – to be born and go through all of life’s trials and then offer himself as a sacrifice in our stead – to pay off that heavy, eternal debt that we inherited from all the humans before us and that we could never pay – to forgive our failings and bring us back to Love! Jesus did that by being murdered on a cross like the one pictured above, and then, to prove that He had power over all things, He defeated death itself and rose from the grave. He wasn’t a zombie. He was fully alive and fully aware! Jesus’ plan is to bring us back to that original place of pure relationship with God and each other: back to Genesis. If this message stirs your 💓 or you have questions, please feel free to DM me. - Jason Lee, Genesis Modeling and Photography“Sassy” - Go out this week and feel a little more sassy. Be yourself. Let your light shine!Snow Walker -“Put the strongest man or woman out in the cold for a few moments, and they become overwhelmed with an urge to tense up, as though that will somehow keep the cold out. But if you can do the unthinkable and let the sensation flow into and through you, observing it without emotion or fear, and just let it pass – your reality is transformed.” - What Being Naked In The Snow Taught Me (Nick Polizzi)*Expression Tells the Story**Staredown* The body is beautiful–every single part of it. It’s here to be seen. Each of us is lovingly created by God to live and walk in freedom. Did you know there’s no euphemism for elbow? Nobody tries to hide those. Let’s not let shame label any of our parts.*Spread Your Wings*“Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”Sitting on Top of the WorldThe Midas Touch - The snow has mostly melted so it was time to get out again and explore nature and beauty with lovely Lindsey, who, in this series is covered head to toe and everywhere in between in gold paint!“River Bath I”Once Upon a Time in an Old Abandoned Church (II)“All Sorts of Bodies are Going Bare” - Isn’t it time for social media to catch up with legitimate natural nudity? People can tell the difference between normal healthy nudity and pornography. #freethebodiesStar of the RiverClimbing with Jessi“Landscapes in the Park”“Complex Contrasts”“Rain Go Away”“Fly the Friendly Skies”