Woman of Mystery - To wrap up our shoot we went downtown and found a (very busy!) parking garage. Harsh lighting, cold weather and constant traffic, but hey, diamonds are made under pressure. :)Some Days are Just Epic.“So Windy” Model: Alexbabe“Turn away your eyes from me, for they overwhelm me— Your hair is like a flock of goats leaping down the slopes of Gilead.” - Song of Solomon 6:5“Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”A Face Made for Art“Paint Wash”“Snow Bird”“Hello. It’s Me.”Corsets can be fun.From across the rainforest I stare:Women, with waterfalls for hair. [Poem by Marissa Faries] Model: AutumnSingin in the Rain“Inner Tiger” Find your inner tiger today and Roar! - Happy Valentine’s Day from Jason Lee & Genesis Modeling and Photography“Rain Go Away”“River Bath II”Awaiting the StormLady in Red“Strength”Sand Sprinkles - You can’t expect to enjoy life without getting a little sand on your face.No Suit. No Care. - Let’s start a revolution and get rid of the shame suits.“Glowing”No Suit Needed“Dancer in Blue”Sculpture“Haunter of Woods”Standing… I look forward to a time when people respect others for who they are, not for what they are or how much money or fame they have. There’s a spark of light in all of us. Look for it.Good Morning!Model: KatyaBrooding over the LandI ain’t afraid of no ghost.“It was Winter Again”The softness…The Midas Touch - The snow has mostly melted so it was time to get out again and explore nature and beauty with lovely Lindsey, who, in this series is covered head to toe and everywhere in between in gold paint!“Ripples in Time” A moment of light, captured forever. I think that’s why we’re captivated by photography. It freezes time.“All Sorts of Bodies are Going Bare” - Isn’t it time for social media to catch up with legitimate natural nudity? People can tell the difference between normal healthy nudity and pornography. #freethebodiesSnow Walker -“Put the strongest man or woman out in the cold for a few moments, and they become overwhelmed with an urge to tense up, as though that will somehow keep the cold out. But if you can do the unthinkable and let the sensation flow into and through you, observing it without emotion or fear, and just let it pass – your reality is transformed.” - What Being Naked In The Snow Taught Me (Nick Polizzi)“Keep Out”